R&D    Major Performance
Hydraulic System Technology
Research Title Cooperation
Development of Emergency Trip Test Device and Actuator Character Diagnostic System for Power Plant MKE, KHNP/5 Power Company
Localization of Load Control Actuator and Test Equipment forTurbine of Nuclear Power Plant as Korean Standards MKE, KHNP
Development for optimized design Technology and Performance Evaluation System for Actuator of Large sized Boiler Fan KETEP, MKE
Development of CRV Actuator for Turbine SMBA
Localization of Turbine Front Standards System Product for Korean Standards Type KETEP, KHNP/4 Power Company
Development of Servo Valve for Driving Turbine Valve KOSPO
Localization of Plant BFPT(Boiler Feed Water Turbine) Hydraulic Actuator and Diagnosis System KETEP, 5 Power Company
Localization of Hydraulic Cylinder for BSTP of Desulfurizer WP
System Integration Technology for Power Up-rating of Aged Power Plant KETEP, DOOSAN
Localization of Turbine Bypass Valve Actuator SMBA, KOSPO
Integrity Evaluation Technology
Research Title Cooperation
Development of Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Technique for Integrity Assessment of Nuclear Turbine Rotors KETEP, KHNP/DOOSAN
Development of Inspection Technology for the Rotor Bore Using Integrated NDE System KETEP, DOOSAN
Development of Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Technique for Turbine Rotor Bucket Z-cover for Fossil Power Plant) SMBA, WP
Development of Inspection Technology & Device for the LP Rotor Curved Axial Entry Wheel & Bucket SMBA, KOSPO
High-pressure water heater tube inspection equipment KOSPO
Performance Engineering
Research Title Cooperation
Development on Turbine cycle optimization Technology KETEP, DOOSAN
Construction for Nuclear Power Plant Primary Flow Element Calibration Facility Institution Approval IFF, KHNP
The Development of Diagnosis System for Protection of Various Trouble from Main Feed Water System _ WH NPP KHNP
Nuclear Maintenance Engineering
Research Title Cooperation
Development of Maintenance Technology for BMI Nozzle On Bottom head of Nuclear Reactor KETEP, DOOSAN
A development of the maintenance system for CRDM Nozzle in Reactor Pressure Vessel KETEP, DOOSAN
Development of Automatic Inspection System for Small Diameter Nozzle in Nuclear Power Plant High Radiation Zone KETEP
  • SMBA (중소기업청): The Small & Medium Business Administration, WP(서부발전): Korea Western Power Co.
  • MKE : Ministry of Knowledge and Education , KEPRI (전력연구원) : KEPCO Research Institute
  • KETEP (에기평): Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning, IFF(기반 기금): Industrial foundation Fund
  • K0SP0 (남부발전): Korea Southern Power Co.